The Israel Space Agency

The Israel Space Agency


The Israel Space Agency


The Israel Space Agency's goals include advancing infrastructural research at academic and research institutions; supporting the development of innovative and unique space technologies by Israel Aerospace Industries; cultivating a new generation of space scientists through space education and community projects; and encouraging the expansion and growth of Israel's space industry.

ISA works in partnership with diverse space related industries, including among others, the Experiment and Integration Center, ground monitoring and control stations and remote satellites receiving stations. The development of small and lightweight payload and satellites enables vast usage for scientific exploration and space research contributes to ISA and Israel international prestige, respect and space power.

ISA activities emphasize the importance of scientific research and development and support projects with substantial economic potential. The Agency’s goals include the development of new innovative and unique space technologies, to produce and manufacture new lines of products; to create and establish a new generations of scientists in the field of space science and exploration, and support and encourage expansion and growth of related space industries.


ISA's guiding principle is that civilian space activity contributes to Israel's economy, to the country's global status, and to the well-being of its citizens via agricultural and communication applications, the monitoring of environmental pollution, and research. Space research and exploration also inspire and motivate the younger generation to engage in scientific pursuits. 

Due to a major budget increase that the Ministry of Science and Technology received in 2012 for space research, the ISA has begun to advance a national space program aimed at enhancing Israel's comparative advantage and placing it among the world's top five countries in the field of space research and exploration.

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